Generation 1 (G1) Toys Unleashed for Transformers 40th Anniversary

The Transformers 40th Anniversary is coming in 2024, and Hasbro has revealed the Generation 1 (G1) toys will be unleashed to their licensing partners. The company will be giving them 3D model files of the classic action figures to reissue original licensed products. The initiative, driven by original artwork, will be focused on classic and reimagined products. Casey Collins, President of Licensed Consumer Products at Hasbro, shared the following with Toy Book recently:

We will start the year by celebrating the landmark 40th anniversary of Transformers by providing our licensees with 3D files of the original G1 toys for the first time ever,” Collins says. “With this, our partners will be able to reissue original licensed products and reimagined innovations leveraging the authentic vintage artwork from the G1 toy line and Marvel comics. ​Pulling it all together, we’re digitally releasing the ‘80s animated TV series soundtrack with an exciting bonus track that taps into nostalgia and re-creates the excitement, tone, and pop culture moments of 1984.

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Botcon 2013 Coverage – Hasbro Panel

botcon2013June 29th, 2013 – TFviews is here at Botcon in San Diego, California to cover the Transformers news at the Hasbro panel. No photos are allowed at the panel, so it’s all descriptions from here.

11am PDT – Live panel coverage starts now, keep checking back for more info as it comes in.

Hasbro thanking digital partners like TF Legends and Universe, and TF Prime.

– Custom Kreons sneak peak – packs of Kreons that come with additional pieces to create your own special figure.

– TF Prime Beast Hunters – 2014 Legion, Divebomb is an Autobot Defector and a Yankee fan, refuses to combine with the other guys. Rot Gut, “greatest name ever”, severe acid reflex, battle belch. Ace Vehicon is sparkling white and fights autobots and stains. Bluestreak “sounds a lot Shaggy”. Blue body with white upper and green stuff.

Commander – Unicron Megatron is gold and purple and yellow. Ultra Magnus. Bludegon is a remold of Shockwave, comes with sword. Continue reading

San Diego Comic-Con Interview with Hasbro

Last week at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Hasbro was gracious enough to give us here at an official interview with the Transformers brand management team shortly after what could arguably be called their best panel presentation ever – thanks largely to a angrily-passionate crowd, a responsive panel, and technical difficulties with the slideshow (you wouldn’t think that’d be a recipe for success, but it was more fun and more informative than any this reporter has ever seen before). TFv got to sit down with Aaron Archer and Jerry Jivoin (alliteration at Comic-Con is a must!) and ask them the following questions culled from our readers.

Hasbro’s time was limited, so we jumped right into the questions…

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Transformers Prime Q&A is Here

Last month, Hasbro invited us to submit a question to the TF: Prime cartoon’s producers. The answer was sent back today, just in time for the season premiere of Transformers Prime on The Hub. Keep reading for the answer… What is the goal of Transformers: Prime – beyond just capitalizing upon the movie series’ audience momentum, why was TF:Prime created? On its own merits, what is it trying to say, what effect is it trying to have on TF fans, is there an intention to sustain it as a series? Continue reading

TF: Prime Q&A Coming Up, What Should We Ask?

As we at TFV participate in Hasbro’s Transformers Q&A program, we’ve been invited to ask this Friday, January 21st, 1 question of the TF: Prime production teams. This is an exciting opportunity, but only 1 question about the newest Transformers show means we need to figure out what’s the best question to ask. And fast! So please participate in the TF:Prime Q&A thread we’ve got going on, and check back for the answer on February 7th.