Shout Factory to release Transformers Animated season 3

TFAnimatedS3Cover72dpiThere is good news for fans of Transformers Animated. Shout Factory is releasing the third and final season of that series for the first time. The DVD is expected to be out in June in both the US and Canada.

The epic battle between the valiant Autobots and treacherous Decepticons rages on in the third and final season of Transformers Animated! Join Optimus Prime and his heroic tea

m as they protect the mighty AllSpark from Megatron and his evil band of Decepticons, while also managing to protect the rest of their new home planet — Earth — from its own dastardly fiends! Does this former maintenance team have it what it takes?

The long-awaited third season of Transformers Animated is finally available on DVD!