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Preview pages: Last Stand of the Wreckers

Wreck-#1-Pg-02COLORSSome previously seen cover images for “Last Stand of the Wreckers” and one interior page minus wording can be found here, at Chris Ryall’s blog.

The first issue is due to hit shelves on January 27th.

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What’s Coming Up Next in the ROTF Main Line

The heads-up on what’s coming out now and what’s next from classes Scout, Deluxe, Voyager, Human Alliance, and Leader. Because knowing is half the battle, and finding these suckers appears to be the other half. (…more)

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TF:ROTF Deluxe Dirge Sighted at Target in SoCal

dirgeThe only deluxe figure on the pegs, Dirge from the new NEST sub-series was spotted at Target in West Hollywood, California, this evening. Target still has deluxes on sale for $10, so good value, and to all of you, good hunting!

Discuss this sighting in the forums!

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Hasbro Answers to TFviews Questions #8

hasbro-brand-tfOur readers came up with these 3 great questions to send in on November 30th, and after a little delay, Hasbro was generous enough to supply us all 3 answers. (…more)

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Botcon 2010 – Walt Disney World Florida

botcon_2010Here is the announcement that you have all been waiting for! Hot off the Transformers Collector’s Club presses is the location and date of Botcon 2010. (…more)

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IDW March Solicitations

Comics Continuum lists some IDW comics for March, including a number of Transformers comics. (…more)

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Interview with Simon Furman

simonfurman1A website called the Geek Syndicate has a short interview with Simon Furman, in which he discusses his work in comics, his involvement with and opinion of the live action films, and what Marvel characters he’d love to write.

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Preview pages for Bumblebee #1 available

Publisher: IDW Publishing
(W) Zander Cannon
(A) Chee & Trevor Hutchison

In this first-ever Bumblebee miniseries written by Zander Cannon (Top Ten), it’s a shakeup in Autobot leadership! (…more)

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TFW2005 Q & A with Andy Schmidt

IDW editor Andy Schmidt recently answered questions submitted by various members of the TFW2005 website. As you might expect, a number of questions focused on Continuum and the continuity problems that it had. (…more)

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TF Voyagers Half Off at TRU – Wednesday Only

On Wednesday, December 9th, Toys R Us will be selling all Transformer Voyager-class figures for half price, $10.99. That’s none too shabby!

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