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  Posted in Entertainment, Hasbro Q&A on February 7th, 2011 by JediTricks

Last month, Hasbro invited us to submit a question to the TF: Prime cartoon’s producers. The answer was sent back today, just in time for the season premiere of Transformers Prime on The Hub. Keep reading for the answer… What is the goal of Transformers: Prime – beyond just capitalizing upon the movie series’ audience momentum, why was TF:Prime created? On its own merits, what is it trying to say, what effect is it trying to have on TF fans, is there an intention to sustain it as a series?

Transformers Prime Executive Producer/Co-Developer Roberto Orci: When we released the first live-action movie, we were so grateful to the fans for its success. And we were proud of the film, but we were also aware that an animated television series, TRANSFORMERS PRIME, would allow us to spend more time with the Transformers themselves, they have a history and a mythology that you can barely touch upon in a two-hour movie. The goal for us is to go beyond what has been achieved in the feature-film franchise and in previous animated incarnations. With TRANSFORMERS PRIME, we have the opportunity to explore new storylines and characters within the Transformers universe. Transformers fans have always craved more details of the mythology, and the series can really dig in and draw from the well. There’s definitely something for everyone. We’re confident that the positive message and themes of the show, coupled with the epic adventure that makes Transformers so special, will continue to appeal to fans both old and new. With our incredible creative team leading the charge– our amazing writers, talented artists, and animators– we’re striving to take PRIME to another level.

Thanks to Hasbro and Roberto Orci for the opportunity to ask the producers this question. We look forward to seeing what happens with this new series.

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