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New ROTF trailer on Yahoo

Lots of new footage in this one! Check it out here!

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All Hail Megatron to continue past issue 12

Sales on “All Hail Megatron” have been strong enough that the previously mentioned coda series will comprise issues 13-16 rather than be a seperate series of their own. See Chris Ryall’s comments here.

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New footage from TF2

Revenge of the Fallen preview

The footage that Micheal Bay previewed at ShoWest is available for viewing here. Great stuff, including one two-minute scene between Sam and Bumblebee, and a montage of Transformer footage, including a shot of Devastator.

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Michael Bay talks TRANSFORMERS 2 and 3 at ShoWest

Micheal Bay answers questions about Transformers 2 and 3 in this short article and video at There are some interesting bits of information, including: (…more)

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