Botcon 2013 Coverage – Hasbro Panel

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botcon2013June 29th, 2013 – TFviews is here at Botcon in San Diego, California to cover the Transformers news at the Hasbro panel. No photos are allowed at the panel, so it’s all descriptions from here.

11am PDT – Live panel coverage starts now, keep checking back for more info as it comes in.

Hasbro thanking digital partners like TF Legends and Universe, and TF Prime.

– Custom Kreons sneak peak – packs of Kreons that come with additional pieces to create your own special figure.

– TF Prime Beast Hunters – 2014 Legion, Divebomb is an Autobot Defector and a Yankee fan, refuses to combine with the other guys. Rot Gut, “greatest name ever”, severe acid reflex, battle belch. Ace Vehicon is sparkling white and fights autobots and stains. Bluestreak “sounds a lot Shaggy”. Blue body with white upper and green stuff.

Commander – Unicron Megatron is gold and purple and yellow. Ultra Magnus. Bludegon is a remold of Shockwave, comes with sword.

Deluxe 2013, Nightshadow Bumblebee, black repaint of BH BB. Prowl, remold of Smokescreen with siren lights on top.

Deluxe 2014, “return to fun”, “larger scale”, back to lay on the floor play style, not a puzzle experience, not “Ikea”. Aiming towards movie thinking with TFBH, new Bumblebee transforms in 4 steps, lots of guns. Still doing complex stuff for collectors, expanding that, but these will focus on the kids. Figures will be bigger too.

Windrazor, angry bird dragon thing, carries a mace.

Smokescreen, looks like the Legends.

Twinstrike, looks like an upscaled Legend exactly.

Voyager Class, 2014, ‘got huge”. Optimus Prime, weapons on loan from the Primes, Nexus Sword and Vector Shield, translucent green. 15 steps.

Predaking with infernum blade, lot of clear parts. About the same size as the $50 Ultimate figure.


– ConstructaBots, thinking about customization while being fun and accessible. Transform without taking apart. Look for them in Fall.  Scout class 2013, Ironhide, Starscream. Bumblebee, Thundercracker, wave 2. Cliffjumper, Deadend are wave 3. Silverbolt and Breakdown.

Elite Class, Soundwave, Wheeljack, wave 1. Megatron, Hound, Optimus Prime ware wave 2. Wave 3, Smokescreen, Dragstrip, Shockwave.

Triple changers, Blitzwing, Bumblebee jet and car.

Ultimate, Optimus Prime vs Megatron.

Scout class, 2014 sneak peek, spring. Bringing into the Beast Hunters age. Predacons. Bumblebee with slugbow, all scouts have slug weapons (non firing). Starscream BH, tan coloring. Ripclaw, the first Constructabots predacon, green and red same as deluxe colors. Removable tail with claw action weapon.

Elite class, 2014, more BH. Skystalker with disc weapon. Kid next to us thinks it’s “awesome!”  Shockwave turns into a car with claws and horns, rubbery for safety, arm fires missile. Optimus Prime, inspired by the BH ultimate dragon head backpack thing.

Triple Team Class Constructabots, change from triplechanger class, new scale, Unicron Megatron with Ratbat & Barrage that are buildable figures.


– Back to the mainline, TFBH Predacons Rising, exclusive line to Target in the US.

Legion 2packs. Smokescrean and Cindersaur, Bumblebee and Blight

Commander, Optimus Prime and Predaking. Shockwave and Bombshock.

Abominus combiner set of 5 Cyberverse figures, Target in the US, Tesco and Carrefour overseas (presumably the UK and United Arab Emirates, respectively). Pearlescent and translucent, fall of this year.

Deluxe, Skylynx, Nova Blast BB.

Voyager Cryofire Predaking.  Dark Steel.


Transformers Generations, big applause.

TF turning 30. 2014. “Thrilling 30”. 30 special items throughout the year, platinum edition, comic-con items, 2-part program rolling out over time.

Legends 2014, Swerve with Flanker, red pickup with blue jet. IDW inspired design. COSMOS!!!! with Payload, white shuttle. “UFOh Yeah” Big applause.

Wave 2, Tailgate with Groundpounder, a bulldozer. Sharpshot with Reflector, insecticon with camera.

Deluxe 2014. IDW comic tie-in, every figure will tie into Impact and Dark Cybertron, working together with them, coming up with designs and storylines.

Goldbug, now called Goldfire. Head is blue, body gold.

Dreadwing, blue repaint of Megatron IDW.

Skids! blue, new car mode, nice.

Waspinator!, bug mode and bot, very nice. Firing stinger missile, button on back makes wings flap.

Deluxe wave 2 sneak peek. Skywarp FOC. Scoop, comes with 2 Targetmasters, bulldozer. Starscream Armada.

Voyager 2014, double agent triple changer, Doubledealer, blue repaint of Blitzwing. BW Rhinox!!! All new, big applause, with miniguns of doom. Mouth work and ears twist.

Voyager wave 2, Whirl, screen art, has a gerwalk mode. Comes with a sticker sheet, wants to ehar back on that.


SDCC Exclusives – Titan Guardian 5pack, non transforming figures, 6″ tall. Metroplex comes with 12 mini-figures, red and purple simple things. Shockwave’s lab with voyager repaint and commander class clear predaking.


Hall of Fame, Ultra Magnus with 19% and BW Megs with 34% of the vote!

Fan Built  Bot, in development still, 2 hints, Autobot, and a jet mode, Harrier-type design, will be revealed at SDCC.

And 12 noon, that’s it for the panel and our live panel coverage.

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