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Masterpiece Rodimus Prime to have four modes

The upcoming Masterpiece Rodimus Prime figure will also transform into Hot Rod, as speculated by some fans after the prototype was revealed. The figure will have Hot Rod’s robot and sports car modes, as well as Rodimus Prime’s robot and flaming Winnebago modes.

See images below the fold. (…more)

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BBTS exclusive Seacons in stock

Online retailer Big Bad Toy Store has the G1 Seacon reissue set in stock. The set will not be available at regular retail.

From the website:

The Seacons are available in their traditional G1 colors for the first time in over 20 years since their initial release in 1988! (…more)

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Spotlights to resume?

Spotlight: Prowl was intended by IDW publishing to be the last Spotlight for the forseeable future. But things may have changed, as revealed by IDW editor Andy Schmidt on the IDW boards:

The reason we’ve been holding off on it is this: many of you have requested more spotlights, and they are a great place to get creators I like working with or want to try out something to work on while we figure out a mini or something. (…more)

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Generations Dirge gallery has a photo gallery comparing the upcoming Generations Dirge with the previously released Henkei Dirge. Notable differences on the Generations version include black plastic instead of gray, and differing wing patterns, both of which more closely resemble the original figure.

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New Section Added – “Hitting Stores Now”

You can see it to the right in the main menu column. This list will stay as current as possible based on substantial sightings info rather than rumor, and will be removed after a month or so. If you have any suggestions for newer sightings, post them in the Sightings forum.

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