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Prototype MP Rodimus Prime revealed

Another new upcoming Transformer on display at China’s Cybertron Con is the recently announced Masterpiece Rodimus Prime figure. The version on display is still only in the prototype stages that has yet to be painted.  Images can be seen at TFW2005 and TFormers.

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2011 Transformers Images from China’s Cybertron Con

While the Hasbro TF Comic-Con panel didn’t deliver much newness, across the Pacific in China, Takaratomy revealed some amazing new stuff, like Goldbug, Legends gun Megatron, Deluxe Tracks, Perceptor, a few realistic Animated characters, PCC Dinobot combiners, and more! Check out the pics at TFW2k5 and check out more at Tformers.

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Hasbro Announces Transformers Cybertron Con


The Largest Official Gathering of TRANSFORMERS Fans Starts Today at Landmark Brand Expo in Shanghai (…more)

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Hasbro Answers to TFviews Questions #11

Our readers came up with these 2 questions to send in on June 28th, and Hasbro has supplied us the  answers. Who is Optimus’ best friend, Dion or Jazz? And what’s up with Thundercracker? Click in to read ‘em. (…more)

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IDW news from Comic-Con

Courtesy of artoni of TFW2005.

– Generation 1 ongoing will be focusing on “HOT ROD IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE”. Don’t worry if you can’t stand the character though – he’s shown being choked by (…more)

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San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Booth Autograph Schedule

For those who are going to San Diego Comic-Con later this week, Hasbro will be having 3 autograph sessions at their booth (#3212) in the exhibitor hall. Marvel legend Stan Lee, wrestling icon and GI Joe character Sgt. Slaughter, and writer & Transformers: Exodus author Alex Irvine will each be signing at the Hasbro booth at this year’s Comic-Con. And Anyone who gets Alex Irvine autograph tickets also gets a signed copy of Transformers: Exodus. Click through for the schedule. (…more)

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It’s TFV’s 2nd Anniversary!

Back on July 17th, 2008, TFV opened its doors to our little group, and the idea that all views from the Transformers community are welcome. Today as we look back on the first 2 years and over 15,000 forums posts, as well as dozens of questions answered in the official Hasbro Q&A program, we also look to the future of Transformers and what our group can do with it. Thanks for the first 2 great years, and to many more to come! Post your thoughts in the anniversary thread.

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Images of Masterpiece Movie Starscream

Dengeki online has an image of the upcoming Movie Masterpiece MP-M01 Starscream. Amazon Japan also has an excellent image of the figure. This Japanese repaint of the US Leader-class Starscream’s expected release date for Starscream is October 2010.

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Check Out HasbroToyShop’s SDCC Exclusives

It’s a reissue of Blaster, and a new Prowl Mighty Muggs figure! Available at San Diego Comic-Con starting July 21st, and after the show while supplies last, Hasbro’s 2 Transformers Comic-Con exclusives are sure to please (even if HTS booth lines are possibly the worst of the entire convention). Click more to read their official bios… (…more)

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Toys R Us Having Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off Sale This Week

This week at Toys R Us stores, pretty much all Hasbro products are buy 1, get 1 half off, and not just of the same brand. So you could buy 1 Transformers figure and 1 Star Wars figure, and the discount still applies. This sale will continue until the 18th, according to in-store signage, and since TRU has been told by Hasbro to set aside the August street date on almost everything Transformers, they have a lot of new product right now. Good luck, and good hunting!

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