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First Look at Hasbro Masterpiece Acid Storm, and Soundwave & Minions Set

This just in from Hasbro, our first official look at Masterpiece Acid Storm, and Masterpiece Soundwave & Cassette Minions set. The only info Hasbro has on these right now for us is that they are both Toys R Us exclusives coming later this year, pricing and release date info still to come.

Note that Rumble is red and Frenzy is blue in the images, these names were taken directly from Hasbro’s image files identifying them as such.

Images are presented in large format, make sure to click the mid-size images to view the large-size files as well.

Also, note that Ravage is mistransformed with his little nose not folded out, the figure itself does have a nose though, it’s just easy to miss folding it out. (…more)

Posted in Toys and Collectibles on March 4th, 2013 by JediTricks