Pictures from the Hasbro Wondercon Event

Hasbro was kind enough to invite us down to Anaheim, CA for an up-close look at the goodies they had just shown off at their Wondercon panel… all except TMNTxTF Party Wallop who got lost along the way and never made it to California. Check out all the photos after the break, and we’ll have a little Q&A for you soon.

UPDATE: Added GI Joe Classified, Marvel Legends, and Ghostbusters images.

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Pulse Con 2021 reveals and news

Here’s the details from Pulse Con’s livestream…

Legacy brings characters from across the Multiverse with a Generations styling

Energon-infused weapons across all sizes. All energon from all continuities, dark energon, even new energon. Combine weapons “Perhaps a new combiner set”


Skids shown off, energon axe-blaster. will have a tinted sunroof.

Dragstrip shown, dark energon in his blasters, combine for the G1 double barreled blaster. Third mode and more Stunticons coming.

Prime Arce next. Two energon blades combine to be a shield. Tire separates to reveal another energon blaster. Light-piped head.

Kickback revealed. Took in realistic effects of a grasshopper to mix with robotic version. Clear tinted chest. Very cartoon inspired. Dark energon infused slicer weapons can be swords, can fit over the wings.

Voyager class next.

Bulkhead shown. Feet fold down to be the back doors of the truck to store the weapons inside. “Canvas” top can be removed to become a SWAT shield.

Leader Class now.

G2 Laser Optimus Prime. Comes with his transforming oil tanker rig that becomes a battle station. Energon sword stores underneath, energon ax stores on the back of the truck. Energon missiles under panels on the shoulder. Comes with the Matrix in his chest.

Packaging is a closed box on Leader class, all have very vibrant, colorful art. Dragstrip’s package has a callout for “one in five” harkens to the Menasor combiner. Future livestreams will reveal the rest of the Stunticons. All packages except core class will have a QR code taking them to art, bios, and tech specs for each character.


Showing off the Covert Agent Ravage and Decepticons Forever Ravage Pulsecon exclusive. Paint even in the mouth. No labels for Ravage, all deco instead. Vac metal weapons.

Showing off Galvatron Unicron-companion pack, the translucent purple Leader Class Galvatron. Inspired by the reformatting of Megatron into Galvatron. Bringing out Breaking Benjamin lead singer/guitarist Ben Burnley to do his Unicron voice and show off his collection and run through what comes with the set. The stand shown is not in the accessory pack, it comes with Unicron, these items on it attach to it. Arcee, Perceptor, Kup, Ultra Magnus, Dinobots – Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl and Slug – Starscream, Dirge, Cyclonus, Scourge, the Junkion ship Minnow, the Quintesson cruiser, and Galvatron’s ship the Revenge.

Hall of Fame.

Toy of the Year, 23% of the votes, WFC Voyager Tigatron won.

Beast Wars season 1 character of the year, celebrating 25 years of the show, Inferno!

Human inductee, it’s voice actor John Moschitta! Blurr himself! Holding Shattered Glass Blurr on one shoulder and Studio Series 86 Blurr on the other, devil and angel.

Second human inductee, it’s comics artist Guido Guidi who’s been with the brand since 2004. The cartoon first caught his attention, then the toys, but it was the comics that got him so excited that while he waited for new issues he’d draw his own comics. Kept doing this until it was his job many years later.

Hint to Blaster coming up.

And that’s it. Preorders open at 4pm EDT for Pulse premium members, 5pm EDT for all buyers and on other e-tailers.

Hasbro Invites Fans to Create New Transformers Character

hasbro-brand-tfFor the first time in its history, Hasbro has unveiled a program in which Transformers fans can help create an all-new Transformers character that will be introduced into the brand’s rich lore forever, including an action figure in next year’s “Thrilling 30” anniversary line as well as appear in official Transformers comic books. 


Opening Globally Today, the “Fan Built Bot” Poll Kicks-Off Celebration of the Iconic Brand’s 30th Anniversary by Allowing Fans to Create New Transformers Character

Pawtucket, R.I. (April 18, 2013) — For the first time in history, the Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) TRANSFORMERS brand is inviting fans of all ages around the globe to help create a new TRANSFORMERS character that will be forever added to the TRANSFORMERS world. In anticipation of the TRANSFORMERS’ brand 30th anniversary in 2014, the “Fan Built Bot” Poll kicks off today, and will run through May 5th on Continue reading Hasbro Invites Fans to Create New Transformers Character

First Look at Hasbro Masterpiece Acid Storm, and Soundwave & Minions Set

This just in from Hasbro, our first official look at Masterpiece Acid Storm, and Masterpiece Soundwave & Cassette Minions set. The only info Hasbro has on these right now for us is that they are both Toys R Us exclusives coming later this year, pricing and release date info still to come.

Note that Rumble is red and Frenzy is blue in the images, these names were taken directly from Hasbro’s image files identifying them as such.

Images are presented in large format, make sure to click the mid-size images to view the large-size files as well.

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Masterpiece Thundercracker TRU-exclusive Review

This is’s review of Toys R Us-exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker.  This MP Thundercracker is based on the TakaraTomy MP-11 Coronation Starscream figure, itself a significant remold from the original MP-3 Starscream, correcting several issues with that original Masterpiece Seeker figure. TRU is charging $69.99, and this is their first Masterpiece Seeker US release after the first 2 – Starscream and Skywarp – were released through Walmart in ’07 and ’09, respectively, with the former released at $49 and the latter at $60, so inflation on the Masterpiece Seekers hasn’t been too painful at least; meanwhile, non-Seeker Masterpieces Rodimus and Grimlock went for $50 and $70, respectively, in the last few years. Keep in mind that Takara release their own MP Thundercracker in ’08 in Japan, but that was a different mold.

This will be another primarily-photos review, I’ll keep notes in list form in their various sections. Once again, great care was taken to present this figure in realistic light whenever possible. Please be sure to check out the large-sized images, this time linked from the medium-sized photo pages. Also, note that some images are comparing the original US Masterpiece Starscream set to this one.  Continue reading Masterpiece Thundercracker TRU-exclusive Review