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Happy New Year from Everybody at TFviews!

This year has been an exciting one for us at, we’ve started new ventures, made new friends, and gotten in on the ground floor of Hasbro’s Q&A program. 2009 looks to be an amazing year for Transformers, with the 25th anniversary of the brand, the new movie, and the return of TF:Animated, it’s going to be non-stop for Transformers fans, and TFviews will be here to share it with you. So have a safe and happy new year’s day, and thanks for being part of what makes our community special!

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Empire and USA Today Covers ‘Revenge of the Fallen’

The latest issue of Empire magazine has an exclusive behind the scenes look at the upcoming Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie. Featured on the Empire website are a few exclusive images from the Cario set as well as a large image of the cover with Optimus Prime on it. (…more)

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The Location of Botcon 2009 is…

… Pasadena, CA. Congratulations to the West Coast fans!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

This just in from the North Pole: (…more)

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Images of Universe Hot Shot and Ratchet

Big Bad Toy Store has put up pre-orders for two upcoming Universe figures, Armada Hot Shot and G1 Ratchet. Hot Shot is an entirely new mold, and comes with mini-con Jolt. Ratchet is a repaint and slight remold of Universe Ironhide. Both are estimated to arrive in March of 2009.

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Animated Deluxe Wave 5 Reviewed

Dave van Domelen has posted his in-depth review of TF:A deluxe Wave 5. That’s Blurr, Swindle, and Blazing Lockdown. Professor DvD has little love for the repaint, but the new molds get good marks. Click here to check out the full reviews.

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Henkei Red Alert and Smokescreen available in April

Digital Toys has pre-orders up for C-20 Red Alert and C-21 Smokescreen. Red Alert has not been announced for the Universe line domestically, and Smokescreen sports a different paint job than the upcoming Universe version. Both are tentatively scheduled for April 2009.

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Upcoming TF figures

The-Arker has posted several images of upcoming Transformers figures. First up is posted at the message boards showing the Transformers Universe repaints, Darkwind and Countdown. The rest are potentially spoilers for the next Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen, so read on at your own risk… (…more)

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25 Popbox Bumblebee Electronic Busts Available

As mentioned way back in September, Sideshow Collectibles is distributing the movie Bumblebee electronic bust from Popbox Collectibles, and while the piece was pre-sold out, Sideshow has found 25 additional units and is making them available to customers in the US. So if you missed out on this unique piece before, now is the last chance you’ll get to pick it up new.

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Animated Samurai Prowl to original Prowl comparison

Over at the message boards, several images have been posted showing the differences between the upcoming Animated Samurai Armor Prowl and the original version of Animated Prowl released. (…more)

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Hasbro Announces Q&A Changes

Straight from the big potato-head’s mouth, news has come down from Rhode Island that, starting next round (that would be the one in late February due to Toy Fair delays), only 3 questions will be answered instead of 5, and answers will be returned in 2 weeks rather than 1. (…more)

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