Skybound Comics at SDCC 2023

Thanks to Twitter user @articulatedpts for the summary of the Skybound Entertainment Energon Universe comic panel by Skybound Entertainment at San Diego Comic Con 2023.  Panelists include Joshua Williamson, Daniel Warren Johnson, Sean Mackiewicz, and Robert Kirkman.

Comments include the following:

  • Will Quintessons and Nebulons appear? “We’ll just have to see.” – Kirkman
  • There’s a lot of huge building blocks that Kirkman has put into place to build off that Johnson can work off.
  • What goes into picking the team? “These are my personal favorites” – Johnson
  • This is a starting point. Things will be expanding as time go on. Humans will play a large role in at least the first two arcs.
  • “I really wanted to start at the beginning” – Joshua Williamson on wanting to start the series before Joe and Cobra formed
  • How can GI Joe kill a Transformer? You’re gonna find out!
  • Autobots are trying to navigate an organic world for the first time.
  • Will Skybound reprint older comics (IDW, etc)? Definitely have plans to republish older comics, like Marvel and IDW
  • For Transformers, are we limited to 84-85 cast? Kirkman is going to make it his mission to get Bulkhead in the comics. Not limited to those years