Animated Deluxe Wave 6 Sighted

This reporter found all 3 of the newest TF Animated deluxe figures – Samurai Prowl, Waspinator, and Elite Guard Bumblebee – at the Target store in West Hollywood, California. Contrary to my prior opinion, Samurai Prowl is a mix of previous and new parts, and as such, the main bike is the same exact scale as the original Prowl figure. So keep your optics peeled for these new figures, good luck and good hunting!

Packaging for DST/AA’s Galvatron & Ultra Magnus Busts

Due out this month, Diamond Select Toys and their design partners, Art Asylum, have added 2 new busts to their Transformers line, that of Galvatron and Ultra Magnus. Art Asylum has posted images of the box art for both busts, and the work is top notch as usual (even if it does come with a $10 price increase for each). You can check out AA’s gallery by clicking here.