Free Gift from Hasbro with purchase

From Hasbro comes the following promotion: Spend $20 or more on Hasbro products and they’ll send you a free gift. Transformers is available as an option (looks like Power Core Combiners, Activators, Speed Stars, and Star Wars Crossovers are available). Here is the promotion’s page on Hasbro’s website, which links to a printable form with the terms and conditions.

Thanks to board member BWProwl for the information.

Dreamwave #14 (unpublished) – summary by Simon Furman

From Simon Furman’s blog:

Not a lot of people know this, but in the final months of Dreamwave (not that we were aware they were the final months at the time), circa November 2004, I was asked to prepare a one-issue fill in for Dreamwave’s G1 book (issue #14 to be precise). Regular G1 writers James McDonough and Adam Patyk had stepped away from the book. (Being closer to the heart of things, Dreamwave-wise, they clearly saw the writing on the wall, so to speak, and stopped pouring work into the rapidly expanding black hole that was Dreamwave.) In the splendid isolation of this sceptered isle, I just carried on regardless.

Follow the link to read the rest of the comments and the summary itself!

Energon unpublished issues 31 and 32

Courtesy of Simon Furman’s blog, here are summaries in two parts of the unpublished Transformers Energon #31, and Energon #32.

#31 Part One:

We cut to Alpha Quintesson (current). He instructs the recently upgraded (and promoted to Terrorcon commander-in-chief) Doom-Lock to continue the assault on Earth. Doom-Lock can’t see the point now the planetary shield is active, but Alpha Quintesson insists. Continue reading Energon unpublished issues 31 and 32

War Within: Age of Wrath – issue 4 summary

During Auto Assembly 2010, Simon Furman made available copies of the script for The Age of Wrath issue 4. This six-issue mini-series was cut short by Dreamwave’s bankruptcy, with only the first three issues published. Courtesy of poster Sol Fury of TFW2005, here is a synopsis of the unreleased fourth issue of the six issue mini-series.

We pick up where we left off last time, with Turbomaster Flash stranded on an alien world, pursued by hordes of Sharkticons and Allicons. Continue reading War Within: Age of Wrath – issue 4 summary