Transformers 3 Superbowl trailer at Yahoo

The new trailer for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon can be seen here.

And from the accompanying Yahoo article:

Before this spot aired, director Michael Bay had only released a short and mysterious teaser trailer from his third and reportedly final film in the “Transformers” franchise. The Super Bowl ad, however, dispensed with the subtlety and showed some real action. It shows Continue reading Transformers 3 Superbowl trailer at Yahoo

Transformers Prime Q&A is Here

Last month, Hasbro invited us to submit a question to the TF: Prime cartoon’s producers. The answer was sent back today, just in time for the season premiere of Transformers Prime on The Hub. Keep reading for the answer… What is the goal of Transformers: Prime – beyond just capitalizing upon the movie series’ audience momentum, why was TF:Prime created? On its own merits, what is it trying to say, what effect is it trying to have on TF fans, is there an intention to sustain it as a series? Continue reading Transformers Prime Q&A is Here