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Sea Spray Boxed and Loose Pics

sea spray Update: Multiple detailed pictures of the new voyager-class  Sea Spray in package and loose have surfaced. Check out the entire gallery at .

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UK Toy Fair 2010 news

Courtesy of Xjunky and NIBMRatchet of TFW2005:

Some toys on display were WFC Optimus Prime (which looks to be Voyager sized) and Bumblebee, new G1 themed Legends and an Ultra Sized Universe Seaspray! (…more)

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Last Stand of the Wreckers preview

“I will turn Fortress Maximus over to you. All you have to do is try not to kill him.”

Overlord fort max (…more)

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April Comics from IDW

Aprils IDW offerings include multiple Transformers titles along with their other properties. Available in April are: (…more)

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Transformers: War for Cybertron Trailer Released

warforcybertronThe new Transformers: War for Cybertron video game trailer has been released. It’s 2:14 of cool, voiced mainly by Peter Cullen, Optimus Prime himself. Among characters revealed in the trailer are Bumblebee, Omega Supreme, and Trypticon – really, Trypticon. Whether these will all be playable characters or not is yet to be revealed, but the video looks snazzy enough to whet appetites. Check it out on IGN.

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