War Within: Age of Wrath – issue 4 summary

  Posted in Comics and Books on December 1st, 2010 by andersonh1

During Auto Assembly 2010, Simon Furman made available copies of the script for The Age of Wrath issue 4. This six-issue mini-series was cut short by Dreamwave’s bankruptcy, with only the first three issues published. Courtesy of poster Sol Fury of TFW2005, here is a synopsis of the unreleased fourth issue of the six issue mini-series.

We pick up where we left off last time, with Turbomaster Flash stranded on an alien world, pursued by hordes of Sharkticons and Allicons. Panels of him fleeing are mixed with panels of the remaining three Turbomasters and Perceptor arguing about Flash’s disappearance, culminating in the realization that – as the Dimensional Interface Assembly was still in search mode – the Kaon Space Bridge Optimus Prime and Megatron fell through in War Within the Dark Ages issue #1 was interrupted by some external force that left a “kink” in space time – which Flash has now also been drawn through! Unfortunately, Perceptor concludes Flash is on his own, because the development of a stable reusable Space Bridge ended at Kaon, and Perceptor does not have the time or the means to construct an interim mechanism. Plus, with the arrival of the dormant Aerospace Extermination Drone captured by the Autobot strike team (from last issue), Perceptor claims he has more pressing matters to attend to – the Air Warrior may hold the key to their very survival!

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