Energon unpublished issues 31 and 32

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Courtesy of Simon Furman’s blog, here are summaries in two parts of the unpublished Transformers Energon #31, and Energon #32.

#31 Part One:

We cut to Alpha Quintesson (current). He instructs the recently upgraded (and promoted to Terrorcon commander-in-chief) Doom-Lock to continue the assault on Earth. Doom-Lock can’t see the point now the planetary shield is active, but Alpha Quintesson insists. From an unknown location, the Four Horsemen (Death, War, Famine & Pestilence) report that their work is done and they are returning to Unicron. But Alpha Quintesson insists they remain where they are. In response to their various objections, Alpha Quintesson counters that Megatron is “contained,” content to rebuild his Decepticon empire on Earth and Jetfire’s Autobots (without Optimus Prime) have little recourse to their ‘spark of combination’ and are forced to use artificial constructs (we glimpse Omega Supreme under construction).

#31 Part Two:

Earth: and in the desert Kicker is battling five airborne foes — using his energon powers to both defend himself and counterattack. Overconfident, Kicker is caught unawares by the unexpected versatility of his attackers and only just manages to deflect the final attack. It’s an AlterEnergy training exercise, overseen by Rad and Doctor Jones (Kicker’s father). Both are concerned that Kicker is not taking the threat to him seriously. Twice now he’s been actively targeted, and though both abduction attempts were thwarted they anticipate further attempts to capture him. They need to understand more about Kicker’s powers to know why the Terrorcons want him so badly, but Kicker is tired of jumping through their hoops and stalks off

#32 Part One:

Cybertron has become a dark, dangerous and lawless place, and gangs of Decepticons (emboldened by the resurgence of Megatron on Earth) now roam freely, openly, actively looking to re-open old wounds, enflame old hostilities. In sector zero, Dropshot encounters just one such gang, comprised of former Autobot Wheeljack, Skywarp and Thundercracker. Dropshot wants to go about his business, repairing a defective grid switch (part of a network that delivers refined energon across the planet), but Wheeljack and the others are intent on provoking him. Finally, Dropshot loses all pretense of diplomacy and engages weapons systems, ready for a fight. Wheeljack and the other Decepticons appear suddenly afraid… but not of Dropshot. Rising/forming behind Dropshot is the ghost-like Starscream, a deranged creature of pure energon!

#32 Part Two:

And finally, we return to Optimus Prime. Deep within Unicron he taps into a low priority sub-processor, hoping to modify a neural command pathway that will disrupt Unicron’s energon supply. As Prime uplinks, his consciousness is pulled into the supply stream, all the way to its distant point of origin. Not Earth, as he’d assumed, but another planet, Nervissa, a world devastated and consumed by Unicron’s Four Horsemen! Prime realises: while they focused their shields and bases on Earth… another energon-rich world was dying!

Please follow the links for the rest of the summaries. Thanks to Simon Furman for sharing.

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