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Transformers: The Manga, vol. 1

Scheduled for a March 10 release date from Viz Media is “Transformers: The Manga”. These stories from the 1980s have been translated into English for the first time. Written by Masumi Kaneda, art by Ban Magami and English language lettering by Brandon Bovia.

In this collector’s volume, the Autobots and their young friend Kenji must stand tall against the Decepticons in an interplanetary conflict! These classic stories are from the dawn of the Transformers, and this volume contains thrilling tales such as “The Great Transformer War” and “Fight! Super Robot Life-Form Transformers!”—plus an extensive art gallery!

Further details can be found on Viz Media’s website:

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New Wal-Mart G1 reissue: Optimus Prime?

Thanks to TFW2005 for the following report. It’s possible that the next Wal-Mart G1 reissue with be Optimus Prime, without his trailer, interestingly. The report came from the Transformers Never Die Facebook group, who shared the image from the 22nd Bahamut Gamer Party 2018. Further facts will be needed to determine if this reissue is headed for the United States or not, but in the meantime this is a very nice possibility for the Transformer collector.

Addition: new pictures available here.



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First look at Generations Kup

Amazon Japan has posted several new images of “Transformers: United” figures, Japan’s version of the Generations toy line. Among which is our first look at a new Kup figure. Check out all the images via TFW2005 here.

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Masterpiece Rodimus Prime to have four modes

The upcoming Masterpiece Rodimus Prime figure will also transform into Hot Rod, as speculated by some fans after the prototype was revealed. The figure will have Hot Rod’s robot and sports car modes, as well as Rodimus Prime’s robot and flaming Winnebago modes.

See images below the fold. (…more)

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Prototype MP Rodimus Prime revealed

Another new upcoming Transformer on display at China’s Cybertron Con is the recently announced Masterpiece Rodimus Prime figure. The version on display is still only in the prototype stages that has yet to be painted.  Images can be seen at TFW2005 and TFormers.

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2011 Transformers Images from China’s Cybertron Con

While the Hasbro TF Comic-Con panel didn’t deliver much newness, across the Pacific in China, Takaratomy revealed some amazing new stuff, like Goldbug, Legends gun Megatron, Deluxe Tracks, Perceptor, a few realistic Animated characters, PCC Dinobot combiners, and more! Check out the pics at TFW2k5 and check out more at Tformers.

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Hasbro Announces Transformers Cybertron Con


The Largest Official Gathering of TRANSFORMERS Fans Starts Today at Landmark Brand Expo in Shanghai (…more)

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Images of Masterpiece Movie Starscream

Dengeki online has an image of the upcoming Movie Masterpiece MP-M01 Starscream. Amazon Japan also has an excellent image of the figure. This Japanese repaint of the US Leader-class Starscream’s expected release date for Starscream is October 2010.

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TakaraTomy to release G1 Unicron

TakaraTomy is releasing the Armada Unicron figure with a new head and a more G1 accurate color scheme. Images and information can be found on the TakaraTomy website. See the link below for details.

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TakaraTomy Staff Interview – Animated

Thanks to SydneyY and Sol Fury of TFW2005, here’s another translation of an interview with a member of the TakaraTomy staff involved with Transformers, Mr. Shogo Hasui. In this case, Mr. Hasui discusses the Japanese versions of Transformers Animated.

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