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  Posted in Comics and Books on July 23rd, 2010 by andersonh1

Courtesy of artoni of TFW2005.

– Generation 1 ongoing will be focusing on “HOT ROD IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE”. Don’t worry if you can’t stand the character though – he’s shown being choked by¬†Starscream. The story is set to shift focus to the Decepticons and a lot of major events will go down.

– Transformers movie continuity Sector Seven miniseries was shown again. It focuses on the history of the organization and the Simmons family who are inextricably linked to it.

– Transformers: Drift #3 will introduce Lockdown into the IDW continuity, as well as delving into the mysteries of the third faction.

– Working on a miniseries featuring Punch / Counterpunch. No date or information on artist / writer, only that IDW are working on it.

– No more plans for any more Spotlights until a few holes in the canon are filled and threads tied together.

– Andy Schmidt (IDW Editor) mentioned that they will try to keep a more steady art style for the ongoing series. Not mention as to which art style that might be, but apparently Don Figueroa will be toning down certain elements of his current style due to fan dislike.

– Alex Irvine is working on another book.

– Lastly, the subject of “The original 13” was brought up. The response was “no comment”, with a hint from Mike Costa that discussions are taking place between him and Simon Furman. Andy Schmidt adds that they have not forgotten them.

– Andy Schmidt also adds no, they have not forgotten Simon Furman either.

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