Hasbro Answers to TFviews Questions #13

  Posted in Hasbro Q&A on November 1st, 2010 by JediTricks

Our readers came up with these 2 questions to send in on September 13th, and today Hasbro has supplied us the answers. Will there be movie 1 & 2 character updates in the movie 3 line? And how are Transformers addressing overly-complicated transformations? Click in to read ‘em.

TFviews.com: With another Transformers movie line coming up, the line will almost certainly be bolstered by characters not appearing in TF3, just as the first 2 movies’ toy lines had extra characters. There are many Revenge of the Fallen and even Movie 1 characters still in demand for figure updates/upgrades, such as Voyager-class Bonecrusher, Scrapmetal and Scrapper figures for fans of the movie Constructicons, leader-class Blackout, and more great ideas that fans want. What are the odds that we’ll see those TYPES of movie-universe characters added the TF3 toy line, even if not those specific examples? (Though we’d like to see those examples of course.)

Hasbro: It is too early to discuss our plans for the third movie, so you will have to wait and see!

TFviews.com: Some collectors have expressed concern that the main TF lines such as the Movie lines and Universe/Generations might be getting too complicated for key target audiences, specifically casual consumers and kids. We’ve heard things along the lines of “I’m a grown man and had problems with ROTF Leader Prime, how is my kid supposed to figure it out?” to “I gave 2008’s New Camaro Bumblebee to a nephew and it still sits, half-transformed, at the bottom of a toy box.” Obviously, sub-lines like Fast Action Battlers and Activators are supposed to address this problem, but they only appeal to specific younger audiences, not generally to the larger casual consumer base. How much of a concern is this for Hasbro? What does Hasbro do to combat these issues in the main lines without simplifying them to the point of alienating the core fanbase?

Hasbro: Overall, our number one objective is to make toys that are fun for kids. We certainly have heard the feedback from all of our consumers about the level of conversion difficulty and are taking the necessary steps to make sure that this issue is alleviated in the future.

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Also, Hasbro has sent along these humorous suggestions for fall holiday-themed questions we could have sent in for today’s deadline (although we already sent in our questions last night):

  1. Did you roll out and go trick-or-treating this weekend? If so, what did you dress up as?
  2. What would <<insert Transformers character name here>> dress up as for Halloween?
  3. When Transformers trick-or-treat, do they walk, or roll from house to house?
  4. What do Transformers eat on Thanksgiving?
  5. What do you think Autobots and/or Decepticons are thankful for?

– Well, that’s it for this round. This is a bi-monthly Q&A series so we’ll have more great questions ready to go in January. Thanks to all the readers who participated by coming up with these questions, and thanks to Hasbro for making this Q&A possible.

If you’d like to discuss these answers with other fans, or you’d like to submit a question of your own, join us in the Transformers Q&A thread in our forums!

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