Transformers Collector’s Club Member Exclusive: Transtech Cheetor

  Posted in Toys and Collectibles on November 9th, 2010 by andersonh1

From the Transformers Collector’s Club website:

Cheetor loves the thrill of the chase. When his turbo sensors lock on to the taillights of a fleeing Decepticon, and he pushes his accelerator to the floor, Cheetor’s head gaskets receive a rush like nothing else! The only problem┬áis that sometimes he gets a little too focused on his games of cat-and-mouse. His optics lock in on the perp, causing his surroundings to fade into a blur as he races after the bad guy. Street signs, traffic flow, even that unfortunate ‘bot caught crossing in his path! Nothing else matters to him during his race to catch the bad guy. That’s no doubt the reason that the Precinct is constantly rotating Cheetor from partner to partner; no one in their right processors would want to get stuck with an eager rookie like Cheetor watching their back!

TT Cheetor is a Deluxe sized Animated figure who will fit right alongside all of your Animated toys. Cheetor features an all-new head sculpt by Transformers Animated Art Director Derrick J. Wyatt. The toy is packed in a convention style box with a foam insert for easy removal and display.

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