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Toy Fair: Transformers Generations War For Cybertron Figures Revealed

Toy Fair is just around the corner, but Hasbro has an early surprise for Transformers fans in this exclusive first look at four new figures from the Transformers Generations War For Cybertron line.

For those unfamiliar, Siege is the first part of the War For Cybertron trilogy, which pairs Generation 1 characters and designs with transforming and combinable weapons within a story that takes place during the final battle for Cybertron between the Autobots and the Decepticons. We’ve got your first look at four new additions that Hasbro is making to the line and first up is the towering titan Autobot Omega Supreme.

Read the remainder of the article here.

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More G1 reissues on the way: Cassettes!

After offering a number of classic Generation One figures in fairly authentic replica packaging, Wal Mart is apparently planning to continue these releases. Some of Soundwave’s cassette minions will apparently be hitting the store shelves soon, so keep your eyes open.

The report offers these details:

Another great G1 reissue is coming to the market. Via TF-Factory on Weibo, we can share for you images of the G1 Ravage & Rumble and Laserbeak & Frenzy reissues.

These are sure the perfect complement for the G1 Soundwave & Buzzaw reissue revealed a while ago. Soundwave’s cassettes come in classic G1 2-packs with no differences compared to the original releases (Rumble is the red guy, Frenzy is blue guy as in the original toys), but Laserbeak seems to have shorter laser guns.

There is no information about price or release date at this time.

Thanks to TFW2005 for this story.

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New Wal-Mart G1 reissue: Optimus Prime?

Thanks to TFW2005 for the following report. It’s possible that the next Wal-Mart G1 reissue with be Optimus Prime, without his trailer, interestingly. The report came from the Transformers Never Die Facebook group, who shared the image from the 22nd Bahamut Gamer Party 2018. Further facts will be needed to determine if this reissue is headed for the United States or not, but in the meantime this is a very nice possibility for the Transformer collector.

Addition: new pictures available here.



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Robot Heroes under a new name?

tiny titans assortmentMultiple Transformers sites are reporting that “Tiny Titans” figures will be available as a part of the “Robots in Disguse” toyline in 2015. These figures appear to be very similar to the now-defunct “Robot Heroes” line of non-transforming figures that were available in 2007 and 2008.

Made of PVC and standing only two inches high, these figures are posed in various action stances, and will likely have very little in the way of articulation. Retail price per figure is unknown at this time.

The Tiny Titans are expected to arrive at retail in early 2015.


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Masterpiece Thundercracker Sighted in SoCal

Masterpiece Thundercracker, exclusive to Toys R Us and based on the Takara MP-11 Coronation Starscream remold, was sighted by my own eyes and wallet yesterday at Culver City, CA TRU, as well as by my friend Bikerscout who found his at Glendale, CA TRU. The pricetag on the set is $69.99 and comes in a keystone box meant to evoke the shape of the original US MP Starscream, only simpler. The instructions on Thundercracker call back to the wrong figure though, using the Starscream v.1 instructions which deviate from this transformation after step 5 of 27. More details will be coming soon.

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Generations Thunderwing has a gallery of the upcoming Generations Thunderwing figure, based off the old ultra Pretender G1 figure. Thunderwing is a deluxe, and is shown from all different angles in both modes, and in comparison with other Classics/Universe/Generations figures. Click the link to view the photos.

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Coming Soon: Generations Turbo Tracks, Wreck-Gar and Thunderwing

Images of upcoming Generations Transformers have begun to appear in various locations on the internet recently. Some are new, some have been seen before in one form or another. Click below the fold for links and images. (…more)

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TF:HFTD Scout Wave 2 in TRU Burbank, CA

Hunt for the Decepticons scout-class wave 2, which includes Breacher, Insecticon, and Oil Pan (repaint) has been sighted by yours truly at Toys R Us in Burbank, California. Good luck, and good hunting!

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Toys R Us Having Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off Sale This Week

This week at Toys R Us stores, pretty much all Hasbro products are buy 1, get 1 half off, and not just of the same brand. So you could buy 1 Transformers figure and 1 Star Wars figure, and the discount still applies. This sale will continue until the 18th, according to in-store signage, and since TRU has been told by Hasbro to set aside the August street date on almost everything Transformers, they have a lot of new product right now. Good luck, and good hunting!

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Toys R Us Getting New TFs, BoGo50% Until July 3rd

TRU has been getting new Transformers from the Hunt for the Decepticons movie sub-line as well as the new Generations figures and putting them on shelves. And a nice bonus, until July 3rd all Transformers figures are buy-one-get-one-50%-off, which applies both in-store as well as on (it’s 1 bogo per order there, but spend $49 or more and you get free shipping). Sightings are coming in from all over the country, so check your local TRUs now!

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