TF:A Blurr & Swindle, TF:U Inferno & Vector Prime Preorder at HTS

  Posted in Significant Sightings on October 28th, 2008 by JediTricks

Although not due to ship until the end of the year, you can preorder from HasbroToyShop right now Animated deluxe Blurr and Swindle, as well as Universe voyager Inferno and Vector Prime.

If you’re really lucky, the “MDCREW” coupon code for 20% off will apply here too, but no promises, that coupon code has been floating around a lot lately so it’s anybody’s guess whether it’ll work on this preorder.

Here’s the links to those HTS preorder pages:

TF:Animated Blurr
TF:Animated Swindle
TF:Universe Inferno
TF:Universe Vector Prime

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