Pictures from the Hasbro Wondercon Event

Hasbro was kind enough to invite us down to Anaheim, CA for an up-close look at the goodies they had just shown off at their Wondercon panel… all except TMNTxTF Party Wallop who got lost along the way and never made it to California. Check out all the photos after the break, and we’ll have a little Q&A for you soon.

UPDATE: Added GI Joe Classified, Marvel Legends, and Ghostbusters images.

On display were Studio Series 86 leader-class Swoop, Studio Series Bumblebee concept voyager-class Shockwave, Studio Series Bumblebee concept deluxe-class Sunstreaker, and Studio Series Gamer Edition deluxe-class Sideswipe.

Here’s images of GI Joe Classified, Marvel Legends, and Ghostbusters: