Hasbro Answers to TFviews Questions #10

  Posted in Hasbro Q&A on June 11th, 2010 by JediTricks

Our readers came up with these 2 questions to send in on May 2nd, and Hasbro has supplied us the  answers. Click in to read ’em.

TFviews.com: We’ve seen some characters in the Animated universe get re-imagined as Movie characters (Lockdown) and vice-versa (Blackout), but so far we haven’t seen any crossover into the “G1” or “mainstream” Transformers style. Is this an avenue Hasbro would like to pursue? Is there an interest in creating “G1” or “Classics/Universe/Generations”-style versions of certain Movie characters (like Barricade, Bonecrusher, or Skids and Mudflap) or Animated characters (Lugnut, Oil Slick, Sentinel Prime)?

Hasbro: We are always interested in re-imagining all of the great characters throughout the Transformers lore, no matter what period/series they come from. Thus, our team really enjoyed Lockdown as a character and wanted to recreate him as if he existed in the modern day world. We will continue to pursue this line of design and development and in those circumstances where it makes sense to visit different styles, we certainly will do so.

TFviews.com: Now that we’ve submitted our voting data for Hasbro’s Transformers Hall of Fame poll, we’re a little curious what exactly this program is meant to be all about. The press release mentions that Hall of Fame will “annually honor” and “celebrate” fans’ “most-loved” characters in the brand, but is vague in what this honoring and celebrating will be about. Is it stickers on those characters’ figures announcing their winning? Re-releases in Hall of Fame packaging? All-new figures to celebrate their victories? A mail-away plaque that fans can put with each character? A free 5-star dinner for anybody who names their first born after the winning characters? Something else entirely? We just can’t wait to find out what it is all about, so what is Hall of Fame going to be, more specifically than “honoring and celebrating fan’s most-loved characters every year”?

Hasbro: First off, we do want to extend a big thank you to all of the fans for your participation in the first Transformers Hall of Fame fan vote. As with anything that we do, we certainly could not do it without your support!

Now to answer your question, as the press release stated, the Transformers Hall of Fame is meant to be an annual event to celebrate those individuals and characters that have had/made a significant impact on the Transformers brand. Similar to other Hall of Fames, the new Transformers Hall of Fame gives us a chance to celebrate those achievements in a special way and while I certainly understand your desire to know all facets about the Transformers Hall of Fame, you will just have to wait and see.
[editor’s note: I suspect that means they will tell us later this month at Botcon. -JT]

– Well, that’s it for this round. This is a bi-monthly Q&A series so we’ll have more great questions ready to go on June 28th. Thanks to all the readers who participated by coming up with these questions, and thanks to Hasbro for making this Q&A possible.

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