Our Results for 2012 Transformers Hall of Fame Prelims

  Posted in Site News on March 1st, 2012 by JediTricks

Well, the results are in for our part of the official Hall of Fame voting, and we’ve sent this list off to Hasbro. Because the requirements were for an ordered list of our top 5 choices, the tie for 4th and 5th place was worked out by a tiebreaker vote.

  1. Barricade
  2. Rhinox
  3. Prowl
  4. Wheeljack (tied)
  5. Mirage (tied)

Now, Hasbro will take our site’s results, combine them with the other fan sites’ results, from that create a master top 5 and let us fans vote on it on the official Transformers website some time later this month.  We’ll keep you up to date on when that happens.

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