UK Toy Fair 2010 news

  Posted in Toys and Collectibles on January 28th, 2010 by andersonh1

Courtesy of Xjunky and NIBMRatchet of TFW2005:

Some toys on display were WFC Optimus Prime (which looks to be Voyager sized) and Bumblebee, new G1 themed Legends and an Ultra Sized Universe Seaspray!

* Seaspray is a boat with room for Scouts on his deck
* Revenge of the Fallen toy line name will be dropped from packaging, the line will be re-branded just as “Transformers”
* Power Core Combiners is a “Transformers” sub-line
* Power Core Combiners 2-packs and 5-packs can be combined together
* One of the Power Core 5-pack combiners is a new Bruticus!
* New Transformers RPMs molds including Drift
* RPM Bumblebee track set
* RPM Stealth Force – deluxe/voyager size vehicles with fold out weaponry. Doesn’t sound like they transform.
* Transformers Animated may get ‘phased’ back into the UK in late 2010.

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