First Botcon figure for 2010 revealed!


This Summer at BotCon 2010, an amazing FIVE piece covention set will be offered to Transformers fans and collectors.
The wait for the reveal of this years convention set theme is finally over!

From 1984 to 2006, Earth was the biggest, baddest battlefield of the Great War. But after the Rebirth,
Galvatron and the Nebulan Lord Zarak beat it, takin’ the fight to Nebulos and other civilized worlds beyond.
Sure ’nuff, Optimus Prime and the rest were right on their afterburners, leaving only a skeleton crew to man
Autobot City against future Decepticons attacks.

As we fought across space a new generation of Transformers arose on Earth, boosted by experimental human
and Nebulan science and given the spark of life through technology reverse-engineered from Vector Sgima. Ol’ Terra Firma
was home to a whole new “Second Generation” led by an Autobot who sees this planet not only as a place to defend,
but as the place he considers home!

While things were pretty peaceful for a time, we all know that can only last for so long. And now, through the magic
of the Cybernet space cube, the BotCon enhanced stories of the Transformers…Generation 2: Redux!

That’s right, Generation 2 returns! While we usually reveal the names of each character in the BotCon brochure,
we have decided to give you your first sneak peak right here with…”Autobot Spark,” Leader of the Generation 2 Autobots!