Hasbro’s Toy Fair Media Day Going On Right Now

  Posted in Toys and Collectibles on February 13th, 2010 by JediTricks

It’s 2pm EST, and Hasbro’s media day taking place for the New York Toy Fair show is going on right now. Hasbro no longer takes part in the Toy Fair main showroom, instead choosing to have their own private location a few blocks away. The day before Toy Fair starts, they invite fan sites and media to a slideshow presentation for their brands, and a walkthrough of their product showrooms. While TFV was invited this year, we couldn’t make it, but we’ll link to other coverage as it appears.

  • TFW2005 has started adding photos. WFC Bumblebee, Power Core Combiners Bruticus & Superion!
  • Yakface.com, a Star Wars site, is updating live pics from the slideshow presentation, including Transformers. Their site is a little slow from the traffic, but we can see that MP Grimlock will be a TRU exclusive. “Transformers Generations” seems to be the new Classics line, has a Straxus figure, named “Darkmount” on the slide.
  • Tformers is live-updating info and a few very small video snippets from the Hasbro slideshow. They have a pic of Human Alliance Jazz.
  • Unicron.com is updating live photos from the event on their blogspot account.
  • ActionFigs has posted the Press Release with lots of new info.

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