PulseCon 2022 Reveals

PulseCon 2022 has kicked off with the Transformers panel, and starts off with a look at 2023’s lineup! Take a look at the new entries and wonder why your shoulders hurt…

Legacy Evolution, packaging colorscheme is blues and greens. Includes “evo-fusion” capability on deluxe and voyager where weapons combine.

Core Class Dinobots

  • All the Dinobots in one year. All “six” Dinobots to make a combiner, Volcanicus.
  • Slug, tail turns into stubby blade weapon (called blaster, but looks like blades), red instead of black head.
  • Sludge, lots of hollowness, legs hanging off the hips.
  • Slug and Sludge form the chest. Combiner ports are 5mm to be modular with other Transformer systems.

Core Class Soundblaster, Soundwave repaint, purple chest to be animation accurate.

Deluxe Breakdown, remold of Wildrider with new head, new chest, new upper rear car, new spoiler, new blaster. Spoiler and blaster attach to make a weapon. Coming in Legacy year one box to match the other Stunticons, only difference is moving the QR code to the top instead of the back.

Deluxe Scraphook, new Junkion character, alt mode is a tow truck, kinda Mad Max-ish. Can pop apart to merge with other Junkions that come apart, like how they did in the ’86 movie. Transforms without partsforming.

Deluxe Armada universe Hot Shot, engine block turns into pistol, axle backpack rotates up to become shoulder blaster weapon, goggles fold down. Figure is hidden entirely behind the tray

Deluxe Needlenose comes with both of his targetmasters.

Voyager Lio Prime, fold out weapons in lion mane from Typhoon attack, chest panel opens up to display the Matrix, moving lion lower jaw.

Voyager comic-universe Tarn, tank mode looks great.

Leader class is going to be slow, blaming COVID, same characters we’ve already got for the first and will show off waves 2 and beyond at a later date.

Armada universe Optimus shown on packaging.

UPDATE: Shattered Glass reveal of Soundwave with Laserbeak and Ravage, new headsculpt with headband: