Fan First Friday Wrap-Up

The first Transformers Fan First Friday livestream of 2022 just finished, and here are the big takeways!

Only items available to purchase today from this event are the 2 RED figures which will be a limited quantity on at 1pm EST, the rest are coming probably later this month

  • Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime sleep app on Calm

Wave 2 Studio Series

  • TF:Bumblebee movie Arcee in alt and bot modes, transforms to motorcycle mode, cames with twin pistols
  • TF:Bumblebee movie Ironhide, repaint of Ratchet with a new head
  • TF:TM 86 Junkyard, remold of Wreck-Gar, new chest, new arms, new head
  • TF:TM 86 Sludge, same robot mode height as the others, dino mode shorter but longer than the others, articulated neck can turn and look up and down; comes in closed-box package with new artwork on front
  • TF:TM 86 core-class Spike, lever on his back to turn his head inside the helmet, comes with 2 flame effects that works with his blast effect pegs

TF:Legacy, all Walmart-exclusives

  • BW Sandstorm, repaint of Scorponok with a new head
  • BW Nightcrawler, repaint of Cheetor, paying homage to original prototype by making him an Autobot instead of a Maximal
  • BW Buzzsaw, repaint of Waspinator with a new head that has lightpiping

Beast Wars Vintage Reissues, all Walmart-exclusives

  • Scorponok, same features as original, slight tweaks to colors to match show
  • Tigatron, deco based on Takara release that’s more show-accurate

RED, all Walmart-exclusives, limited quantity of preorders at 1pm EST today on (no mention of preorder time/date)

  • Prime Knockout, swappable tools and alternate hands
  • G1 Ultra Magnus, repaint of Optimus Prime so unarmored look, using translucent energon axe in green, translucent blue windows on chest

Buzzworthy Bumblebee, all Target-exclusive

  • B127 Cybertronian Bumblebee redeco of Studio Series Bumblebee, unmasked head from the Jeep, more metallic and orangeish yellow paint
  • Kup, repaint of Studio Series 86 version, more screen-accurate deco, no translucent parts, uses this line as an experiment to see which fans like more, backdrop is battle of Autobot City
  • Cliffjumper, repaint of Earthrise to more screen-accurate deco, also no translucent parts

You can check out the whole livestream over on Youtube!