Fan First Friday Wrap-Up

  Posted in Toys and Collectibles on February 4th, 2022 by JediTricks TF

The first Transformers Fan First Friday livestream of 2022 just finished, and here are the big takeways!

Only items available to purchase today from this event are the 2 RED figures which will be a limited quantity on at 1pm EST, the rest are coming probably later this month

  • Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime sleep app on Calm

Wave 2 Studio Series

  • TF:Bumblebee movie Arcee in alt and bot modes, transforms to motorcycle mode, cames with twin pistols
  • TF:Bumblebee movie Ironhide, repaint of Ratchet with a new head
  • TF:TM 86 Junkyard, remold of Wreck-Gar, new chest, new arms, new head
  • TF:TM 86 Sludge, same robot mode height as the others, dino mode shorter but longer than the others, articulated neck can turn and look up and down; comes in closed-box package with new artwork on front
  • TF:TM 86 core-class Spike, lever on his back to turn his head inside the helmet, comes with 2 flame effects that works with his blast effect pegs

TF:Legacy, all Walmart-exclusives

  • BW Sandstorm, repaint of Scorponok with a new head
  • BW Nightcrawler, repaint of Cheetor, paying homage to original prototype by making him an Autobot instead of a Maximal
  • BW Buzzsaw, repaint of Waspinator with a new head that has lightpiping

Beast Wars Vintage Reissues, all Walmart-exclusives

  • Scorponok, same features as original, slight tweaks to colors to match show
  • Tigatron, deco based on Takara release that’s more show-accurate

RED, all Walmart-exclusives, limited quantity of preorders at 1pm EST today on (no mention of preorder time/date)

  • Prime Knockout, swappable tools and alternate hands
  • G1 Ultra Magnus, repaint of Optimus Prime so unarmored look, using translucent energon axe in green, translucent blue windows on chest

Buzzworthy Bumblebee, all Target-exclusive

  • B127 Cybertronian Bumblebee redeco of Studio Series Bumblebee, unmasked head from the Jeep, more metallic and orangeish yellow paint
  • Kup, repaint of Studio Series 86 version, more screen-accurate deco, no translucent parts, uses this line as an experiment to see which fans like more, backdrop is battle of Autobot City
  • Cliffjumper, repaint of Earthrise to more screen-accurate deco, also no translucent parts

You can check out the whole livestream over on Youtube!

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