Masterpiece Grimlock Confirmed – UPDATE

  Posted in Toys and Collectibles on October 15th, 2008 by Sparky Prime

It has been nothing more than rumors and speculation for years. But now is reporting via a pre-order page that Takara has officially announced that Masterpiece Grimlock shall be the next Masterpiece Transformer. BBTS is also reporting that MP Grimlock will have an increased price tag compared to the previous Masterpiece figures and expect this to mean Grimlock will be slightly larger and bulkier. Expected release date for MP Grimlock is sometime in March 2009. Unfortunately, there are no images of the figure as of yet.

UPDATE: Cybergundam’s blog has updated with several images of upcoming Transformers releases, including MP Grimlock. It’s reported Grimlock will have an LED light in his right fist to light up his sword and gun and can change eye color in both modes and have some die cast metal parts.

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