Did You Know…?

  Posted in Toys and Collectibles on July 28th, 2011 by JediTricks

I learned at Comic-Con that the head of Hasbro’s Star Wars figure sculpting department, Dave Vennemeyer, handles the Transformers Human Alliance humans, as well as the Star Wars Transformers heads? It’s true! He even had the original sculpts on hand alongside his Star Wars head sculpts on display at the Hasbro booth as he was showing off sculpting and discussing the art with con-goers. The detailing on the Sam Witwicky, Captain Lennox, and Agent Simmons original sculpts was outrageously accurate, done in one-to-one scale no less, before they got turned into molds and given production paint. Dave and his team also do the generic Human Alliance figures that are helmeted, many of which are found in the basic HA line, and said any scale issues are unintended. Dave doesn’t personally do all the figures, for example, I asked him about the Sgt Epps figure and he knew that one only based on its flaws, not its name.

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