More Details on Transformers Hall of Fame Vote

  Posted in Site News on April 16th, 2010 by JediTricks

Hasbro has sent more details on what this Hall of Fame vote is all about, including a final round of voting in May and a reveal of the winner at Botcon. Here’s what they sent our site, straight from the Hasbro’s mouth…

“Hasbro is excited to announce that it is launching the TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame, which will honor both “ROBOTS IN DISGUISE” and those influential in creating and building this iconic entertainment brand.   And Hasbro is inviting you and your readers to have a role in determining the Class of 2010!

Four of the most-loved and powerful TRANSFORMERS characters will be the first robots honored with admission as chosen by Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame internal panel of judges.  They are: OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, MEGATRON and STARSCREAM.  But the inaugural class has room for one more robot, which will be selected by TRANSFORMERS’ passionate fans.

Outlets throughout the collector-fan community are encouraged to run a Fans’ Choice poll with their readers that will help shape the ballot of robots to be voted on to determine the final robot to be enshrined as part of the TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame’s initial class.

Hasbro is looking for the top 5 TRANSFORMERS characters to feature in a final vote on beginning Monday, May 10, 2010.

Poll your readers to determine the character they wish to be considered for the final spot in the initial class of the TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame and share your outlet’s top 5 list no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, April 23.  Your outlet’s polling results list should be ranked in order of importance from 1-5. All polling result lists will be combined together (each outlet getting an equal voice) with the #1 character on each list worth 5 points, the #2 character worth 4 points, the #3 worth 3 points, etc. The resultant point values will be used to generate the final ballot, which will then be posted to for netwide fan voting through the end of May.

The winning robot will be announced at BotCon’s Saturday night dinner in Orlando, FL on June 26, 2010.”

(And we have created that poll in our forums, so click here to vote.)

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