Transformers: Prime Bumblebee Revealed!

  Posted in Site News on March 8th, 2010 by Onslaught Six

The New 'Bee?

Images from the magazine Brandweek are now floating about: including a promotional image for The Hub, the new joint Hasbro/Discovery network. The image features Bumblebee and two other characters (one looks to be a My Little Pony representative) huddling around the Hub logo. Hit the jump for more.

The logo for the new Hasbro/Discovery channel, The Hub.

Bumblebee is clearly designed in the vein of the Movie universe, but is not exactly the same, indicating that the upcoming Transformers: Prime may not actually take place inside the Movie universe, but in a similar offshoot continuity. However, we won’t know until the series actually hits, or more information from Hasbro comes.

What are your thoughts on the design? Like it, hate it? Excited for more Movieverse? Or do you think this might be a sequel to the upcoming War For Cybertron game? Post about it in our forums!

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