IDW’s Drift getting new TPB/Paperback?

  Posted in Site News on March 8th, 2010 by Onslaught Six


Drift, in a panel from Spotlight: Drift

It's Drift!

Everyone’s favourite (?) new character from IDW’s All Hail Megatron series, Drift, may be getting his own book in the future. Hit the jump for more information.

Drift debuted in All Hail Megatron as a “mysterious ninja samurai traitor” kind of character–to much controversy. Eventually, what we thought was the “full story” came out in Spotlight: Drift, one of the final of IDW’s Spotlight issues before the hiatus & relaunch with Spotlight: Prowl. Drift was a Decepticon named Deadlock, and apparently (for reasons not delved into) became a neutral, and then switched sides to the Autobots.

Well, it looks like Drift creator & All Hail Megatron writer Shane McCarthy isn’t done with Drift’s story. We knew months ago via his Twitter that he was working on something new and Transformers-related for IDW. Some speculated it was the upcoming Ironhide miniseries, but he confirmed that it wasn’t him writing it. Well, nobody expected this: Transformers: Drift

Apparently a 104 page (that’s equivalent to almost five single issues) paperback of…something. It comes out in November of this year, which, to me, seems to say that this won’t be a TPB of single issues–unless this new miniseries is the replacement for Last Stand of the Wreckers, which ends in May. However, that doesn’t seem likely given the release date of this book, or with how many other TF books IDW is releasing. We’ve received no word yet from IDW proper, so at this point, the only real information we have is that there’s a book called Transformers: Drift coming out in November. Perhaps we’ll get an announcement later this week?

As an aside, the book is being drawn by someone named Lee Ferguson. A casual Google search only brings up this blog, and it looks like he’s been an artist for several comic companies, including Marvel and DC. No idea how well he’ll do with drawing Transformers, but it’s always interesting to see new blood introduced into IDW’s TF line. (After all, some of us were bored of Don Figueroa long before he took over the ongoing with his controversial movie-inspired art style.)

What’s your take on this? Did you like Drift? Are you excited to see more of him? Or did you dislike him, and intend to pass on this series? Discuss it on our forums!

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