Welcome to the TFviews News

  Posted in Site News on September 22nd, 2008 by JediTricks

While we’ve had a thriving forums for the last few months, TFviews has finally opened its news section. Transformers has always been a shared passion among a diverse community – from G1 to Beast Wars, from cartoons to comics to movies, from toys to statues. TFviews.com was created for TransFans to share those views with each other. Because no matter what they’re into, from Crossovers to Masterpiece to Diaclone and beyond, the underlying thread between us all is our enthusiasm for Transformers.

We hope you’ll join our forums and participate in the TF talk. The community in there is having a blast talking about everything from the philosophical to the ridiculous to the minutiae of transforming robots. Everybody’s more than welcome to join us, so come on in!

Our commitment to news is to highlight a refined look at Transformers today. (Sorry ladies, no news of Shia’s broken arm here.) We may not always take the most serious route in sharing the news, but we are serious about what we’re reporting.

So thanks for checking us out on TFviews. ‘Til all are one… Autobot logo

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