Forbes Magazine reviews the Transformers blu-ray release

  Posted in Entertainment on September 3rd, 2016 by andersonh1

Transformers-the-Movie-1986-featureThe upcoming blu-ray release of “Transformers: The Move” gets a good review from Forbes magazine.

While there have been other Blu-Ray versions of the movie before this release, this version is based off a new 4K transfer. The results are incredible, as the level of detail is far higher than previous versions and the vibrancy of the colors are especially vivid. Screenshots also don’t do justice to this new remaster, as it looks far better in motion.

As this year also marks the 30th anniversary for the movie, this release also comes packed with all sorts of extras, from a new documentary about the making of the movie as well as other featurettes and new audio commentaries. This set also affords two discs, with the movie available in either full frame or widescreen formats.

Please follow the link for the full article, which includes comparison trailers for the new release.

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