Viral Video Hints at Transformers: The Ride in Universal Studios Florida

  Posted in Entertainment on May 1st, 2013 by JediTricks TF

339691140-29171508Uh oh, looks like Megatron’s stepping on cars again – random stompings aren’t a very good strategy to rooting out Autobots, buddy.

This viral video, entitled “Can you believe what happened in Downtown Orlando?!”, shows some pals driving around only to have the hood of their car stepped on by a mysterious something that also smashed into a nearby building and left its imprint… that of the mighty Megatron! It then goes on to display a message from NEST.

Orlando is home to the Universal Studios theme park in Florida, and it looks like the park will become the third Universal Studios theme park to get the popular Transformers: The Ride after Singapore and Hollywood, respectively.

The video says that “The resistance begins May 2nd”, which is tomorrow, and links to the Florida theme park’s Facebook page. View the video after the break.

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