TFW2005 Q & A with Andy Schmidt

  Posted in Comics and Books, Entertainment on December 10th, 2009 by andersonh1

IDW editor Andy Schmidt recently answered questions submitted by various members of the TFW2005 website. As you might expect, a number of questions focused on Continuum and the continuity problems that it had. But there are other bits of news to be found within the interview, including the news that the Spotlight series will resume in April, and the next Spotlight will focus on Prowl.

Other information from the interview:

– Continuum was a success for the casual fans looking to get into the series, even if the hardcore fans hated it

– a more definitive chronology is a possibility in future

– impossible to pick up Dreamwave’s storylines or continue on their groundwork due to legal issues. As the situation stands now, it looks like the unfinished Dreamwave stories will never be finished.

– no current plans for continuities other than G1 or movie universe, though they aren’t ruled out either.

– no plans for the rumored 13 comic

– when it comes to collection reprints, they plan to finish the Marvel run, and after that there isn’t much more to collect.

Read the interview, if you can get past the poor spelling and grammar in some of the questions, for more information.

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