Studio Series N.E.S.T. Bumblebee

Transformers Studio Series 77 Bumblebee-movie NEST Bumblebee has been showing up at Ross Dress for Less, so let’s take a look at what makes him interesting.

Picked up NEST Bumblebee at Ross today for $7.99. This is a funny little figure, I think the NEST gunmetal paint works for this mold a lot better than the yellow would, largely due to the forearms under the vehicle mode being so visually obvious. It’s weird having already experienced some of this figure through the B-127 figure remolded from this. Kinda silly that NEST would be using a Willys Jeep in the ’80s, much less during the ride era, but the green windshield and headlights help offset that somehow. It seems like there might have been a second weapon for vehicle mode, perhaps a mounted weapon as there’s the 3mm stand port buried in the middle of the vehicle behind the seats – if it wasn’t intended, it certainly could be easily exploited. As for the mini-figure who’s clearly not Sam, um… yup.

Robot mode pros:
– nice smaller size
– no giant backpack or door wings
– good articulation, especially ball-jointed ankles plus big feet make him easy to pose
– the added silver looks slick with the black and gunmetal, and the blue eyes really pop
– stand port can be folded back for a cleaner look, avoiding crashing into the leg kibble
– if you don’t mind the back plate a little loose, the weapon can sit fully behind the back plate

Robot mode cons:
– upper torso is a bit gappy and incomplete from the side and above
– leg kibble parts, head panel and back panel are a bit easy to dislodge
– knee is a fake joint, actually hinged further back for an awkward break look
– weapon is super plain in just black plastic
– instructions’ weapon storage is super lame, perching on his shoulder like a sailor with a crappy parrot

Transformation does require a bit of panel massage to get into vehicle mode, and the weapon really tightens up the whole thing. The instructions make it seem more daunting than it is, it’s a little fiddling but mostly entertaining.

Vehicle mode pros:
– surprisingly solid once you get to those last steps, doesn’t seem like it’ll come together but it does
– rolls well
– fold-down windshield, seats, steering wheel
– storage underneath for weapon, finicky to get seated but works
– painted taillights

Vehicle mode cons:
– clipped on wheels, front clip-post is very obvious being gray
– a lot of kibble below the Jeep, most obvious from the side
– seats want to tilt towards each other due to thigh rotation
– back area behind seats has production code painted on it

Overall, not bad at all, a bit simple with no weathering or any sort of extra thing going on, but the metallic look with green headlights and windshield has charm in vehicle mode, and robot mode looks sufficiently robotish. Parts get a little loose when posing, but mainly it’s easy to pose and enjoy.