Slingshot and Wildrider Coming To The US This May – Updated

brake-neck-0213 quickslinger-127
Complete your Combiner Wars G1-accurate Superion and Menasor without paying an arm and a leg!

TFviews has a first look at the US releases of the final G1 Aerialbot Slingshot (renamed Quickslinger for the Combiner Wars line) and Stunticon Wildrider (renamed Brake-Neck for Combiner Wars). As part of Transformers’ May Mayhem, Quickslinger and Brake-Neck will be available in the US as online exclusives through participating e-tailers starting May 22nd. UPDATE: Word from Hasbro is that the SRP (Hasbro’s suggested retail price) for each figure will be around the same as regular mass-retail deluxes, though every retailer has the right to charge what they like.

We’ve got an early look at these guys, check out this preview of the TFviews review of Quickslinger and Brake-Neck below, and come back later today for a full review of each figure…



We’ll update with later today with more images and a review of the figures combined with their fellow Aerialbots and Stunticons!