Shane McCarthy talks about “Drift”

From McCarthy’s blog, Smactalk:

The word is out and it’s all a go.  The Drift mini series is on its way.

This is something I’ve been working on over the holidays and it’s been an absolute joy but seeing the artwork coming through has been the highlight.  Alex Milne is the artist I’m working with this time around and his pages have been breathtaking.  The final page of issue 1?  Wow.

Right now I’m wrapping up on issue 4 and bringing the whole story to a close.  If Alex has been wowing me so far I’m prepared to be at a loss for words when he hits the final issue.

The mini series, as you would expect, deals with the origins of Drift, how he became a Decepticon and why he eventually decided to leave their ranks.  Along the way we’ll be introduced to an exciting new angle to the IDW Transformers universe and learn just what’s up with all of those swords (especially when you could just have a good blaster at your side).

More info to follow.  Check it out when it hits shelves.