SDCC 15 Hasbro High-Res Reveals for Combiner Wars, RID, Masterpiece, and Platinum Series

sdcc-reveals-163Here’s an official look at all the stuff Hasbro revealed today at San Diego Comic Con during the Hasbro Transformers panel.

Combiner Wars Victorion (Updated), G2 Superion, G2 Menasor (Updated), and Voyager-class Scattorshot.

Robots in Disguise – Clash of the Transformers TRU-exclusives.

Platinum Series Blaster & Perceptor set, Platinum Series Trypticon, and Platinum Series Seeker Squadron.

Masterpiece Bluestreak, and Masterpiece Starscream.

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SDCC: CW G2 Menasor Box Set, Perceptor & Blaster Platinum, Combiner Wars Animated

Just received news from friend of the site Bikerscout at the Hasbro Transformers panel that Hasbro will be doing not just a Combiner Wars G2 Superion box set, but also a G2 Menasor box set! All 3 box sets – Victorion, G2 Superion, and G2 Menasor – will have a collector card and poster. Long-time fans will remember that the original G2 Menasor was never actually released, only photos have been seen, so this is a great get.

Update: now we’re hearing that Perceptor and Blaster are next up to get the Platinum Edition treatment and are exclusive to Target, possibly as a set.

Even further, Machinima is partnering with Hasbro for a Transformers Combiner Wars animated project.

CW will be getting Scattorshot as a remold of Silverbolt, but combined form will be Betatron and appears there won’t be other Technobots coming with him.


SDCC-Exclusive Devastator “Special Edition” Review

devastator-126San Diego Comic-Con is just a day away, and one of the biggest Hasbro exclusives this year is “Transformers: Generations Combiner Wars Devastator Special Edition Action Figure” – I thought the Combiner Hunters 3-pack had a long name, but yikes! This version of the Titan-class Devastator has a different face design based on his G1 toy rather than the cartoon, sports vac-metalized parts, and additional paint and pre-applied stickers. It’s exclusive to SDCC at the HasbroToyShop booth #3329, with a limited number made available on after the con.   Read on for more. Or don’t, but you’ll be sorry because Devastator is worth the look, that’s why I used the comparison to Superion there as the lead image instead of a standard headshot. Continue reading

SDCC-Exclusive Combiner Hunters Review

combiner-hunters-115San Diego Comic-Con is this week, and one of Hasbro’s Transformers con-exclusive sets is the lengthily-titled Transformers Generations: Combiner Wars Combiner Hunters Action Figure Collection. The set is a trio of fembots – Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade – in exclusive new paintjobs sporting giant combiner-slaying weapons, making this a companion piece to this year’s big SDCC HTS exclusive-design Devastator. The Combiner Hunters title is also a one-shot IDW comic book, and a special variant of it will be given to fans who purchase the set at SDCC (while supplies last). Hasbro’s SRP on it is $75, available at SDCC via the HasbroToyShop booth #3329 and in limited quantities after the convention at With 3 hard-to-find molds sporting new looks as they threaten combiners, it’s got some charm. Read on to learn more.  Continue reading

KRE-O Transformers Cybertron High KREON Class of 1985 30-Pack Review

B51520000_KRE_SDCC_85_YEARBOOK_OpenThat’s quite a title for a product! But it’s such a fun product that who cares.

The KRE-O Transformers Cybertron High KREON Class of 1985 30-Pack is exclusive to San Diego Comic Con 2015 at the HasbroToyShop booth (#3329) for SRP of $60, and a limited quantity will be made available on after the show as well.

It’s another yearbook, 30 more characters introduced in the Transformers brand 30 years ago, which means this time it’s harkening back to 1985. Unlike last year’s inaugural KREO Class of ’84 set, this new Class of ’85 set has a lot more style, and calls back to some 1985 gems like Jolt cola (“Volt Cola”), The Goonies (the treasure map), and several pieces from Back to the Future (the Jetfire Be Good song disc, the Grays Sports Almanac, the flier with the newspaper front page about the clock tower). Continue reading

Official Details on SDCC 15 Hasbro Transformers Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con starts July 8th, and Hasbro is bringing a trio of great exclusives to the convention via their HasbroToyShop booth, as well as being made available in select quantities from the website after the convention. Here’s Hasbro’s official details and images for Devastator, the Combiner Hunters, and the KRE-O Class of ’85 set.

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Hasbro Pulse: The News, Insider Info, and More Hasbro Fan Site Launching Today

This just in from Hasbro…

Want an insider’s look at exclusive content and the latest news on brands like Transformers, My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and Star Wars, straight from the heart of Hasbro? Then welcome to the Hasbro Pulse!

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Botcon 2015 Hasbro Generations Combiner Wars Reveals

Voyager - Sky Lynx

Over in St. Charles, Il., Botcon is going strong and Hasbro has just revealed their final 2015 and first couple of 2016 Generations Combiner Wars waves of Legends, Deluxe, Voyager, and even Leader-class figures, and with that reveal comes these official images of so many great figures. Figure reveals include the Combaticons – Onslaught, Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle, and Vortex combining to form Bruticus – plus Legends Shockwave & Buzzsaw; and combiner Sky Reign formed from Sky Lynx, Hound, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack, and Smokescreen; and even more.

Some of the images are of renders rather than physical pieces, but are clearly super-accurate. Check them all out after the break, and make sure to click the mid-size image to see the much larger full-sized. Continue reading

Transformers Hall of Fame Voting Live on TF App

voteThe final round of voting for the 2015 Transformers Hall of Fame is now live on the Transformers App for iOS and Android. Fans are now able to vote for their favorites in three fan-nominated categories — Favorite TRANSFORMERS Character (Galvatron, Optimus Primal or Prowl), Best COMBINER Robot (Bruticus, Devastator or Predaking) and Best Musical Act Used in a TRANSFORMERS Branded Production (Anne Bryant [writer of The Transformers theme], Vince DiCola [composer for The Transformers: The Movie soundtrack] or “Weird Al” Yankovic [The Transformers: The Movie song “Dare to be Stupid”]) — with the winners to be announced at BotCon, the Official TRANSFORMERS Convention, in St. Charles, Illinois from June 18-21, 2015. Continue reading

May Mayhem Officially Kicks Off

hasbro-brand-tfHasbro Inc. will showcase the figures from its iconic TRANSFORMERS brand though MAY MAYHEM, a new fan initiative spotlighting the hot new TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS line. MAY MAYHEM kicks off with a special retail event, launching today through notable online retailers, allowing fans to purchase AERIALBOT QUICKSLINGER and STUNTICON BRAKE-NECK figures from the COMBINER WARS line, and continues fan participation, multi-platform storytelling and online promotions throughout the month of May. Continue reading