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TFv’s SDCC Hasbro Transformers Team Interview

hasbro-brand-tfAt this year’s San Diego Comic Con, TFviews was invited to conduct a ten-minute interview with Hasbro Transformers team members Jerry Jivoin (Transformers senior brand director of marketing and toy develoment) and John Warden (Transformers design manager), the only restriction being that we had to publish it verbatim… which is our policy anyway, so of course we agreed. Friend of the site Maradona conducted this interview earlier today at the Hasbro booth in the SDCC exhibit hall. Despite someone screaming in the background, because it wouldn’t be Comic-Con without someone being inappropriately in your space one way or another, presents our interview with the Hasbro Transformers. (…more)

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SDCC 15 Hasbro High-Res Reveals for Combiner Wars, RID, Masterpiece, and Platinum Series

sdcc-reveals-163Here’s an official look at all the stuff Hasbro revealed today at San Diego Comic Con during the Hasbro Transformers panel.

Combiner Wars Victorion (Updated), G2 Superion, G2 Menasor (Updated), and Voyager-class Scattorshot.

Robots in Disguise – Clash of the Transformers TRU-exclusives.

Platinum Series Blaster & Perceptor set, Platinum Series Trypticon, and Platinum Series Seeker Squadron.

Masterpiece Bluestreak, and Masterpiece Starscream.


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SDCC: CW G2 Menasor Box Set, Perceptor & Blaster Platinum, Combiner Wars Animated

Just received news from friend of the site Bikerscout at the Hasbro Transformers panel that Hasbro will be doing not just a Combiner Wars G2 Superion box set, but also a G2 Menasor box set! All 3 box sets – Victorion, G2 Superion, and G2 Menasor – will have a collector card and poster. Long-time fans will remember that the original G2 Menasor was never actually released, only photos have been seen, so this is a great get.

Update: now we’re hearing that Perceptor and Blaster are next up to get the Platinum Edition treatment and are exclusive to Target, possibly as a set.

Even further, Machinima is partnering with Hasbro for a Transformers Combiner Wars animated project.

CW will be getting Scattorshot as a remold of Silverbolt, but combined form will be Betatron and appears there won’t be other Technobots coming with him.


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Hasbro Pulse: The News, Insider Info, and More Hasbro Fan Site Launching Today

This just in from Hasbro…

Want an insider’s look at exclusive content and the latest news on brands like Transformers, My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and Star Wars, straight from the heart of Hasbro? Then welcome to the Hasbro Pulse!

Fans will be able to sign up for Hasbro Pulse to receive brand news as it happens, plus access to special offers and more. That means that Hasbro Pulse members will be some of the first to receive new product images, epic unboxing videos, fan polls that will shape the future of their favorite lines…and even more stuff we haven’t dreamed up yet! And all of it is coming straight from the super-fans working at Hasbro, created especially for their fellow fans. (…more)

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Transformers Hall of Fame Voting Live on TF App

voteThe final round of voting for the 2015 Transformers Hall of Fame is now live on the Transformers App for iOS and Android. Fans are now able to vote for their favorites in three fan-nominated categories — Favorite TRANSFORMERS Character (Galvatron, Optimus Primal or Prowl), Best COMBINER Robot (Bruticus, Devastator or Predaking) and Best Musical Act Used in a TRANSFORMERS Branded Production (Anne Bryant [writer of The Transformers theme], Vince DiCola [composer for The Transformers: The Movie soundtrack] or “Weird Al” Yankovic [The Transformers: The Movie song “Dare to be Stupid”]) — with the winners to be announced at BotCon, the Official TRANSFORMERS Convention, in St. Charles, Illinois from June 18-21, 2015. (…more)

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May Mayhem Officially Kicks Off

hasbro-brand-tfHasbro Inc. will showcase the figures from its iconic TRANSFORMERS brand though MAY MAYHEM, a new fan initiative spotlighting the hot new TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS line. MAY MAYHEM kicks off with a special retail event, launching today through notable online retailers, allowing fans to purchase AERIALBOT QUICKSLINGER and STUNTICON BRAKE-NECK figures from the COMBINER WARS line, and continues fan participation, multi-platform storytelling and online promotions throughout the month of May. (…more)

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TFv’s Voting Results for the 2015 Hall of Fame

In case you didn’t see the results of our voting, here is a breakdown of the top-3 lists for the Hall of Fame.

1. Barricade (movie)
2. Ravage
3. Blackarachnia

BEST COMBINER ROBOT (Fictional Robot Character)
1. Rail Racer
2. Predaking
3. Bruticus

1. Weird Al Yankovic
2. Vince DiCola
3. NRG

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Vote for your choices in the 2015 Transformers Hall of Fame

hasbro-brand-tfTFV has been invited by Hasbro for the 6th year in a row to participate in this year’s Transformers Hall of Fame. This year, the fans determine the Hall of Fame inductees across 3 new categories – Favorite Character, Best Combiner, and Best Musical Act (real life) that has appeared in Transformers.  We’re polling our readers to find out which Transformers character should be included in the sixth TF Hall of Fame alongside Hasbro’s past choices. Click here to cast your vote! (…more)

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SDCC 14 Hasbro Transformers Panel Coverage

comic-con-sold-out[1]comic-con-sold-out[1]sdcc-2014-logoThe Hasbro Transformers panel for San Diego Comic Con International 2014 began Thursday the 24th promptly at 11am. The dais included Hasbro’s director of marketing Jerry Jivoin, senior manager Sarah Carroll, and product designer Sean Isabella.

Sarah started the panel off with Rescue Bots, focusing on Dinobots this year, a bit of a tie in with the movies.

Other kid-focused items include Hero Mashers, Battle Masters (the puppet-like Rock’em Sock’em Robots-type toy), KreO Battle changers (the first KreO sets that convert without being taken apart, 75-85 pieces each set, this November, Optimus, Grimlock, Starscream, and Bumblebee), Angry Birds Transformers which is coming out this fall (with 2 ways to play: Telepods figures that actually transform and beam into the game, and Jenga Race & Crash), the movie line kid toys like Stomp and Chomp Grimlock – an item Jerry says challenges every other toy company out there for Toy of the Year, but he admits he might be biased, and Construct Bots.

Generations showed off everything for 2014 already, so reveals for 2015 will come later in the panel. (…more)

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Botcon 2014: Hasbro Panel Write-Up

BotCon2014webcenterDuring Botcon 2014′s second day, Saturday, June 21st, the Hasbro Transformers brand hosted an outstanding panel showing off new products. This year’s slideshow images are already available in a gallery, here are the details given on each release mentioned during the slideshow for Generations, Age of Extinction, and more Transformers brands.

On the panel were Ben Montano, brand development; Lenny Panzica, senior product designer; Mark Maher, paint; Bill Paukert and John Warden, product design managers; and Mark Weber, global brand development manager.

Hasbro wanted to congratulate the Generations line for finding a strong enough audience to stick around during a movie year and thus “not getting pushed around by Michael Bay.” While there were just 9 collector figures in 2012, 2013 brought 54 and 2014 will bring 73. (…more)

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