Transformers Historia (IDW retrospective)

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Transformers Historia (IDW retrospective)

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Transformers Historia:
This is a double-sized sourcebook style retrospective of IDW's first run with "Transformers". Chris McFeely does an excellent job of summarizing over a decade's worth of convoluted and frequently back-written comics as something coherent, if not entirely readable. (In fairness, this sort of project is functionally impossible to undertake without writing a shopping list.)

There is a brief index, listing specific volumes in narrative order. (I am unsure how useful this is, as some of the comics listed are out of print, even as compilations. But, the information would still be valid.)

I am about a quarter of the way through, and aside from a few mis-keys, the only significant omission that I have noticed is that Chuck Dixon is not listed among the writers that worked on the series (specifically "Hearts of Steel"). This is most likely a question of human error.

This is perfect as quick reference for a casual fan, or a devoted fan who cannot be bothered to memorize scores of comics.

Grade: A
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