SDCC Combiner Hunters - Arcee, Chromia, Windblade - Review

The IDW Comics universe has had such a different take on G1, one that's now significantly represented by the Generations toys, so they share a forum. A modern take on a Real Cybertronian Hero. Currently starring Generations toys, IDW "The Transformers" comics, MTMTE, TF vs GI Joe, and Windblade.
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SDCC Combiner Hunters - Arcee, Chromia, Windblade - Review

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Here's my official review of Hasbro's SDCC-exclusive Combiner Hunters 3-pack:

Bottom line, I liked this set more than I expected. I dunno about the pricepoint, that's where some collectors will find a heavy sticking point, likely depending on whether or not they got the originals of these molds. And Dom will probably home in on the line about them having sparks containing a piece of Solus Prime each, it's definitely an interesting thing they are trying to get at.
See, that one's a camcorder, that one's a camera, that one's a phone, and they're doing "Speak no evil, See no evil, Hear no evil", get it?

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