Destros for (a late) Christmas

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Destros for (a late) Christmas

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So, I won an eBay auction for four of this Destro: ... estro.html

Why the hell did I buy four of them? Why was someone selling four of them?! (Actually, they're selling a dozen over three lots!) well, Destro is part of an expensive multipack (I have seen it go for $50 online for 3 figures!) and I figured I could grab one of these lots at a low price and flip them. I obviously want one for myself, but I have no use for the other three.

Hence, I am offering them here first, at the low-as-hell price of just $7 each shipped. (I'll also accept trades, of course--looking for some RID flipchangers right now, honestly, or if you have any of the rare GI Joes I want, well, lets talk.)

I have not received them yet and likely won't until after Christmas, so I'll update you after I get them.
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