Tech & sculpts on Construct-Bots toys have vastly improved.

Ancillary, non-main-line stuff. Star Wars TF, Speed Stars, Titanium Series, Robot Heroes, that sort of thing. They're kinda neat, but we all know they're not really that important. Admit it, you know it's true.
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Tech & sculpts on Construct-Bots toys have vastly improved.

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For the TF4 Construct-bots, I'm blown away at the high sculpts,all different looking add ons parts that are unique for each figure toy. The different tech used on the exo-skeletons. The Dinosaurs add on armors for the other figures was a brillant idea.

Initially when the Construct-Bots toys first came out, The toys were really bad in every area possible. Didn't care for the ugly & under sculpted play school looking pop on armor parts. Didn't care for the generic add on amor parts that offered that parts-sharing thing, where everyone had almost a similar looking torso, back piece and thighs pieces but in different colors. the add on parts were very hard to pop off once they were on.

The Beast Hunters Construct-bots did improve on the joints tech, as they did a completly different snap together exo-skeleton for the toys. With more ball joints and easier snap on & off parts. The armor add on parts are all unique to each character toy.

I saw the 10 inch tall construct-bots TF4 Grimlock toy. I didn't care how Hasbro doubled the size of each regular construct-bots parts & pieces. It just look awful like a badly done low quality over sized KO TF toy.

I think the Construct Bots toys have promise if done right and in a high quality manner. Love to see some Construct bots generations themed toys in the high sculpt & unique parts for each figure toy like the TF4 Construct bots toys.
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